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Modern Sofa Sets

Modern Sofa Sets

Due to many years of experience we have in manufacturing modern sofas, we can provide you with the best result in terms of:

your rest, giving sofas proper anatomical slope and

relaxation, using high quality materials for their manufacture.

Modern sofa set Gallery. Neoclassical sofas that fit perfectly in classic, but also in modern decorated rooms. Cared to the smallest detail, with elements that will make you proud of your choice.We used beech frame, to make them durable and we invested the honeycomb back to offer absolute comfort, i..
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Smart Sofa Set
-18 %
Smart Sofa Set (with removable fabric). A sofa set, consisting of a two-seater and a three seater sofa, with more beneficial seat-layer. Use them even on your sleep, as they have large usable space and fluffy cushions. Their detachable fabric, gives you the opportunity of unlimited use. Designed wit..
1,210.00€ 1,480.00€
Ex Tax:1,210.00€
Sofa set Ainigma. Two seater and three-seater sofas, in a simple line, with unique external seams, combined with slightly arched back. The arms, give high-level aesthetic and youthful design. We completed the youthful design aesthetics, with wide inox legs. Manufactured of beechwood frame, for stren..
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Sofa Set Caramel. Two seater and three-seater sofa set Caramel, made with the known quality of With unique design arm, which directly captures the look, and the high-level construction will offer complete comfort and functionality.Two furniture that you will have for a lifetime! Customize a..
Ex Tax:1,490.00€
Sofa Set Dream (with removable fabric). Modern sofa set, consisting of two seater sofas, our series Dream, designed with care and the professional knowledge of the team of, combining classy look with comfort and functionality. Faithful to our principles, we make sure to provide you the best ..
Ex Tax:1,800.00€
Sofa Set Level. Classy sofa set, consisting of a two-seater and a three seater sofa, with unique, modern design. Adorned with wide arm which hugs the comfortable cushion, creating a modern style, matched with wide inox legs, makes a highly aesthetic set for your home. Designed with great care by the..
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Sofa Set Minimal. Sofa sets, consisting of a two-seater and a three seater sofa, i minimal line, for ultimate comfort and functionality. Fitting in all decorating styles and rooms. Unique design with ornate arms, is a design diamond for your living room.Made of first quality materials, designed by t..
Ex Tax:1,480.00€
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