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Warranty Terms

Warranty Terms and Conditions

The sofa company is active in the manufacturing and marketing field of furniture making using a cumulative experience of 30 years. The know-how and the passion for handmade furniture have made Sofa one of the most trusted companies in its field. In proof of high-quality construction, Sofa provides a written guarantee of quality to the owner of the product. Behind this guarantee are high quality materials, state-of-the-art mechanical equipment and specialized personnel. More specifically:

For the Lux product range we provide:

A 7-year written warranty to the product owner regarding wearing and breaking in sofa frames

A 5-year warranty for other furniture except for chairs.

For the Exclusive product line we provide:

A 15-year written warranty to the product owner regarding wearing and breaking in sofa frames

A 10 year warranty for other furniture except for chairs.

The warranty on Sofa products is valid for a normal use of the furniture and for the period mentioned above, counting from the date indicated on the invoice or receipt of purchase of the product. Sofa is committed to fix, repair the product at its discretion, as long as the check reveals that the problem is covered by the warranty and was not caused by misuse of the customer. In the event that a product has been discontinued, Sofa will replace it - repair it with a similar one of equivalent value. Under no circumstances will there be a money refund. The warranty covers breakage of furniture frames (headboards, crosspieces, mattress base, backrests, shelves, doors, panels, frames, hinges, fitting-assembling components). In the case of a mattress or some other resale product, the cooperating producer’s warranty terms and conditions are valid
In order to determine if the need for repair of a product is covered by these warranty terms, the cost of transportation and occupation of the company's personnel shall be borne by the customer and shall be paid in advance. In the event of repair of the products covered by these terms, any necessary shipping costs to and from the place of delivery shall be borne solely by the customer.


1.Breaking or other wearing of the product or part of it by non-standard actions (eg throwing, dragging, knocking, scratching with tools or other objects).
2.Damage caused by fire or cigarette.
3.Accidental product damaging.
4.Smashed surface or frame bonding due to inappropriate use
5.Use of Chemical Cleaners
6.Surface deformation or breaking by weight greater than advised.
7.Damage or destruction when dismantle and reassembly is made by non-Authorized Sofa staff (e.g. transport companies).
8.The material endurance of the sofa cushions depends on its use.
9.Varnished furniture may be slightly altered over time (for example oak, beech and walnut veneer due to the naturalness of the wood, there may be some color deterioration owed to natural causes such as sun, light or other environmental conditions).
10.Chairs are not covered by the guarantee.
11.Solid wood furniture is a living organism and needs special maintenance care. Please refer to the maintenance instructions in the product details.
12.In the product details of each item, you can find tips for proper maintenance of the furniture. Please read them.