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Explore the “sofas” category of our site and take a look in our various contemporary and classic- design sofas, where you may find sofas that suits all tastes! Do you prefer your sofa cushion, soft, medium or hard? We manufacture sofas customized according to your instructions! We have a wide range of sofas, in a variety of sizes and colors, in order to be able to satisfy and give you exciting solutions for your space, according to the style and the “atmosphere” you want to give your living room. All designs of our corner sofas can be also manufactured as plain sofas, in the colors and sizes of your preference. Choose, or create a sofa that is completely unique, customized by you and designed by us!!!

Smart Sofa Set
-15 %
Upgrade your small home with the sofa set Smart, designed by to save precious space without losing comfort and relaxation.Elegant and with no unnecessary volumes, it allows you to enjoy the most important room in your home.Create a lighter feeling in your space, as its tall legs and thin arm..
1,590.00€ 1,870.00€
Ex Tax:1,590.00€
Two Seater Sofa Gallery
-20 %
Meet the two seater sofa set Gallery.A sofa that combines timeless elegance and absolute comfort.Its imposing curves and its rich fluffy pipes, which have been carefully considered in every detail, will add more nobility and a refined aesthetic effect to your space, while its high legs will create a..
910.00€ 1,140.00€
Ex Tax:910.00€
Corner Sofa Mambo
Hot -15 %
Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of the sectional sofa "Mambo", as you can enjoy it with the form and direction of your preferences and give your space all the possible changes and options.Take advantage of the possibility of polymorphic positioning and enjoy your everyday life without com..
1,140.00€ 1,340.00€
Ex Tax:1,140.00€
Sofa set Barock
-20 %
As if created from another era, the sofa set Barock will dominate the space and embrace all the nobility that a classic living room offers!Impress your guests with its impressive curves that add glamor and sophistication, while the solid wood details highlight its sturdiness and seal its sophisticat..
2,390.00€ 2,990.00€
Ex Tax:2,390.00€
Sofa Set Smile
-20 %
Meet the sofa set Smile which is ideal for limited and small spaces.Impress your guests with its beautiful seams that follow its line and enhance its modern aesthetic, making it look fresh and modern.Enjoy its comfortable seat made of 6000 foam, a material that endures endless hours of use and enjoy..
1,190.00€ 1,490.00€
Ex Tax:1,190.00€
Three Seater Sofa Gallery
-20 %
Meet the three seater sofavGallery.A sofa  that combines timeless elegance and absolute comfort.Its imposing curves and its rich fluffy pipes, which have been carefully considered in every detail, will add more nobility and a refined aesthetic effect to your space, while its high legs will crea..
1,050.00€ 1,315.00€
Ex Tax:1,050.00€
Corner Sofa Best Plus
Hot -20 %
Τhe all time classic and modern corner sofa Best Plus, has come as an answer to all your worries!Take advantage of the options that its double-sided capability will give you, since you can adapt it to all spaces without being limited by the direction of the corner.Snuggle in the embrace offered by t..
1,250.00€ 1,570.00€
Ex Tax:1,250.00€
Sofa Set Times
-35 %
Minimal, simple and functional, the sofa set Times is the ideal choice for limited spaces!Embrace its minimal design and adjust it into any style of decoration you wish.Also, its easily manageable dimensions help you fit it , even in the smallest room!Carefully created in every detail and decorated ..
1,050.00€ 1,620.00€
Ex Tax:1,050.00€
Sofa set Valeria
-10 %
As if taken from a fairytale and classy, ​​the sofa set Valeria was created by for those of you who love romantic lines and classic decoration style.Impress your guests with its impressive and symmetrical quilted back, while in its finish, the special pipes that frame and follow its line, ma..
3,150.00€ 3,500.00€
Ex Tax:3,150.00€
Corner sofa Fox
-25 %
Timelessly modern, the corner sofa Fox was created by our team as a smart solution for spaces that are limited, as the sectional positioning it provides allows you to configure your living room according to the occasion and live your life without being limited from the corners direction!Its addition..
1,390.00€ 1,860.00€
Ex Tax:1,390.00€
Set sofa Kiss
-30 %
The classic sofa set Kiss was created to enhance the romantic style of decoration and give refinement and elegance to your space..Its impressive curves, carefully detailed in every detail, and the rounded arm with the pleats and the hanging string with the tassel, will sweeten your space and add a s..
2,080.00€ 2,970.00€
Ex Tax:2,080.00€
Sofa Set Nice
-15 %
Meet the sofa set Nice, which with its refined design will upgrade your space!Impress your guests with the wonderful aesthetics offered by its tall wooden legs and simplify your daily life by letting children enjoy playing, since you can easily keep the environment around it clean!An additional char..
2,090.00€ 2,460.00€
Ex Tax:2,090.00€
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