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Modern Sofa Sets

Modern Sofa Sets

Due to many years of experience we have in manufacturing modern sofas, we can provide you with the best result in terms of:

your rest, giving sofas proper anatomical slope and

relaxation, using high quality materials for their manufacture.

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New -15 %
Sofa set Spot
New -25 %
Sofa set Retro
-20 %
Sofa set Onar
-25 %
Sofa set Joy
-25 %
Sofa set Havana
-15 %
Sofa Set Status
-30 %
Sofa Set Status. A modern sofa set consisting of a two-seater and a three seater sofa, with large exploitable seats. Robust construction, designed with all our care about our clients. A sofa set which you will have for a lifetime. Cared with wide inox feet for proper support and the possibility to o..
1,140.00€ 1,630.00€
Ex Tax:1,140.00€
Sofa set Verona
-25 %
Sofa set Verona. ..
1,180.00€ 1,580.00€
Ex Tax:1,180.00€
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