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Modern Sofa Sets

Modern Sofa Sets

Due to many years of experience we have in manufacturing modern sofas, we can provide you with the best result in terms of:

your rest, giving sofas proper anatomical slope and

relaxation, using high quality materials for their manufacture.

Sofa set Havana
-16 %
Sofa set Verona
-32 %
Sofa set Verona. ..
1,090.00€ 1,600.00€
Ex Tax:1,090.00€
Sofa Set Status
-38 %
Sofa Set Status. A modern sofa set consisting of a two-seater and a three seater sofa, with large exploitable seats. Robust construction, designed with all our care about our clients. A sofa set which you will have for a lifetime. Cared with wide inox feet for proper support and the possibility to o..
1,050.00€ 1,700.00€
Ex Tax:1,050.00€
Sofa set Galini
-11 %
Sofa Set Times
-50 %
Sofa Set Times. Aesthetically sophisticated, with sloping sides and sloping metal legs. Modern with high-level design, functional and perfectly comfortable, this sofa set will help you in daily hard life. Flawless construction with premium materials, with beechwood frame and fluffy cushions, in back..
690.00€ 1,380.00€
Ex Tax:690.00€
Sofa Set Dream
-28 %
Sofa Set Dream (with removable fabric). Modern sofa set, consisting of two seater sofas, our series Dream, designed with care and the professional knowledge of the team of, combining classy look with comfort and functionality. Faithful to our principles, we make sure to provide you the best ..
1,790.00€ 2,500.00€
Ex Tax:1,790.00€
Sofa Set Minimal
-15 %
Sofa Set Minimal. Sofa sets, consisting of a two-seater and a three seater sofa, i minimal line, for ultimate comfort and functionality. Fitting in all decorating styles and rooms. Unique design with ornate arms, is a design diamond for your living room.Made of first quality materials, designed by t..
1,480.00€ 1,750.00€
Ex Tax:1,480.00€
Sofa Set Symbol
-22 %
Sofa Set Symbol. A sofa set, which remains No. 1 on your preferences! The high-level aesthetics, even in the smallest details, makes it one of the most popular in our showroom.We made a sofa set, coming from the future. We worked a lot on the unique feet and on the impressive arm. ..
1,370.00€ 1,750.00€
Ex Tax:1,370.00€
Sofa Set Lov
-36 %
Sofa set Lov (Removable Cover)...
1,790.00€ 2,800.00€
Ex Tax:1,790.00€
Smart Sofa Set
-18 %
Smart Sofa Set (with removable fabric). A sofa set, consisting of a two-seater and a three seater sofa, with more beneficial seat-layer. Use them even on your sleep, as they have large usable space and fluffy cushions. Their detachable fabric, gives you the opportunity of unlimited use. Designed wit..
1,210.00€ 1,480.00€
Ex Tax:1,210.00€
Sofa Set Smile
-29 %
Sofa Set Smile (with removable fabric). The Smile sofa set consists of a two-seater and a three seater sofa, with the unique quality and modern design of Made from solid beechwood frame, for greater strength and countless hours of joy and pleasure with family and friends.Cared sofas, in eve..
890.00€ 1,250.00€
Ex Tax:890.00€
Sofa Set Summer. Observe the beautiful, modern aesthetic of the back and arm, in our Summer sofa set. Keeping a slight incline, we manage to innovate and create an excellent aesthetic set for your living room. Made with the known high-level quality of, beechwood frame, cushions in the seat b..
Ex Tax:1,480.00€
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