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Status - Furniture set proposal
-7 %
Furniture set Status includes corner sofa Status,buffet Status,coffee table Status and dining table set StatusFurniture dimensions:Corner sofa Status: 250X220X94Coffe table Status: 110X70Χ42Buffet Status:200X50Dining table set Status: 160Χ90+40..
3,570.00€ 3,830.00€
Ex Tax:3,570.00€
Furniture set Onar includes corner sofa Onar,dining table set Onar with 4 chairs Onar and 1 bench Onar, coffee table Onar and bookcase Onar.Furniture dimensions:Corner sofa Onar: 280X230Χ105Coffe table Onar: 120Χ75Bookcase Onar: 200Χ100Dining table set Onar with 4 chairs and 1 bench: 190Χ95..
Ex Tax:5,790.00€
Venezia - Furniture set proposal
-5 %
Furniture set Venezia includes corner sofa Ronda,buffet Ronda,coffee table Aria and dining table set Ronda.Furniture dimensions:Corner sofa Ronda: 280Χ240Χ90Coffee table Aria: 120Χ80Buffet Ronda: 200Χ50Dining table set Ronda: 160Χ90+40+40..
4,600.00€ 4,850.00€
Ex Tax:4,600.00€
Capri - Furniture set proposal
-10 %
Furniture set Capri includes three seater and two seater sofa Symbolo,coffee table Dolce and dining table set Manchester.Furniture dimensions:Sofa set Symbolo: three seater 235Χ97 & two seater 175Χ97Coffee table Dolce: 80Χ80Χ42 (close), 130Χ80Χ42 (open)Dining table set Manchester: 170Χ90+40+40..
3,390.00€ 3,770.00€
Ex Tax:3,390.00€
Athina - Furniture set proposal
-4 %
Furniture set Athina includes, corner sofa Status,entertainment center Egli,coffee table Smart and bedroom set Inox.Furniture dimensions:Corner sofa Status: 250Χ220Χ94Coffee table Smart: 120Χ80Χ42Entertainment center Egli: 220Χ42Bedroom set Inox: bed 170Χ210 (for mattress 160Χ200), bed side table ..
3,690.00€ 3,830.00€
Ex Tax:3,690.00€
Oval Dining table set Adele
-12 %
Oval Dining table set Adele...
2,150.00€ 2,450.00€
Ex Tax:2,150.00€
Sofa set Retro
-20 %
Sofa set Onar
-25 %
Enigma - Furniture set proposal
-7 %
Furniture set Enigma includes sofa set Enigma,coffee table Athena and entertainment center Star.Furniture dimension:Three seater sofa: 230Χ90Two seater sofa: 170Χ90Coffee table Athena: 120Χ80Entertainment center Star: 220Χ45..
2,490.00€ 2,690.00€
Ex Tax:2,490.00€
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