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Classic coffee table Protipo
-20 %
Κλασσική κονσόλα .Κλασσικό σχέδιο επίπλου υποδοχής που σας βοηθά στη καθημερινότητα!..
Ex Tax:600.00€
Classic TV stand Iris
-20 %
Classic TV stand Iris. Classical furniture for your TV, with high aesthetics, designed by and made from the best materials to meet your needs.Trimmed in every detail, is a jewel for your space. Manufactured, and design, we want to be sure to provide you the best for your own house.With large..
550.00€ 690.00€
Ex Tax:550.00€
Coffee table Aria
-21 %
Coffee table AriaAn elegant piece of furniture for your living room, made of mdf and oak, with a useful shelf in the bottom, drawer and small storefront on its surface, to decorate as desired.Strong manufacture, a timeless design, which has loved a lot by our customers.Shelf at the bottom with rich ..
440.00€ 560.00€
Ex Tax:440.00€
Coffee table Aria Plus
-17 %
Coffee table Aria Plus. Timeless piece that our customers show their preference through the years. With three drawers and very useful space, gives solutions to different needs. Decorated with small vitrine at the top, especially decorated and designed to beautify your every day.A construction entire..
490.00€ 590.00€
Ex Tax:490.00€
Coffee table Athina
-34 %
Coffee table Athina Stylish furniture, a coffee table that looks like a jewel for your living room. Made of mdf with oak paneling and the possibility of changing fabric, leather, color and dimensions, offers ultimate design statement combined with maximum functionality.It has integrated stool and ri..
440.00€ 670.00€
Ex Tax:440.00€
Coffee table Crystal
-30 %
Coffee table CrystalCrystal and lacquered, combined in a simple but elegant, modern coffee table for your living room.With additional shelf on the bottom, useful space to place books and things, as if you have two tables together.Observe how aesthetically shows the vertical pieces of lacquer that de..
490.00€ 700.00€
Ex Tax:490.00€
Coffee table Crystal Plus
-28 %
Coffee table Dimo
-62 %
Coffee table Dimo.Simple but delightfully useful our coffee table Dimo, will offer functionality along with minimal design of view.Robust manufacture with a shelf at the bottom to accommodate even more things.Change sizes and colors and change it according to your needs and requirements of your spac..
230.00€ 599.00€
Ex Tax:230.00€
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