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 Dining set Venus Stock
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 Dining set Venus Stock..
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Athina - Furniture set proposal
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Furniture set Athina includes, corner sofa Status,entertainment center Egli,coffee table Smart and bedroom set Inox.Furniture dimensions:Corner sofa Status: 250Χ220Χ94Coffee table Smart: 120Χ80Χ42Entertainment center Egli: 220Χ42Bedroom set Inox: bed 170Χ210 (for mattress 160Χ200), bed side table ..
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Bedroom set Puzzle Stock
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Bedroom set Puzzle Stock..
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Berlin - Furniture set proposal
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Furniture set Berlin includes two seater and three seater sofa Status,dining table Ronda with 6 chairs Best,coffee table Vegas and buffet Lux with mirror.Furniture dimensions:Three seater Status: 220X94 Two seater Status: 170Χ94Coffee table Vegas: 100Χ100Buffet Lux with mirror: 200Χ50Dining table Ro..
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Bookcase New York. You love your books -which have reached the ceiling- but you don't have enough space? New York bookcase came to solve the problem. Ideally dimensions, fits in your space, providing a suitable, solid place to trust your spiritual wealth. Alternatively, you can use it to "split" a l..
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Capri - Furniture set proposal
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Furniture set Capri includes three seater and two seater sofa Symbolo,coffee table Dolce and dining table set Manchester.Furniture dimensions:Sofa set Symbolo: three seater 235Χ97 & two seater 175Χ97Coffee table Dolce: 80Χ80Χ42 (close), 130Χ80Χ42 (open)Dining table set Manchester: 170Χ90+40+40..
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Citizen - Furniture set proposal
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Furniture set Citizen includes two seater and three seater Galini,dining table Plaza with 6 chairs Alfa,coffee table Times and buffet SkyFurniture dimensions:Three seater Galini: 230X95Two seater Galini: 180Χ95Coffee table Times: 110Χ70Buffet Sky: 180Χ50Dining table Plaza with 6 chairs Alfa: 180Χ100..
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Classic coffee table Elegant
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Classic coffee table Elegant.A unique decorated coffee table, a real diamond for your living room. Notice the elegant design legs with their special finish.Made with glass surface and the bottom shelf, provides transparency and high-level aesthetics in decorating your living room.Contact us to answe..
560.00€ 720.00€
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Classic coffee table Nobel.With glass surface and wooden, adorned legs, just below the surface. In simple lines but so elegant, timeless for those who love luxury and absolute harmony.A designed diamond for your living room can be made long or even with a wooden surface.Contact us to answer to any p..
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