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Payment Methods

Payment methods:

1. Cash:

When payment is made in cash, for delivery within Attica, a deposit of 30-50% of the total order amount is required and the rest can be paid off before or at delivery time. For delivery outside Attica, payment has to be made at least one day before delivery.

2. Credit / Debit / Prepaid Card:

Option of payment through credit, debit and prepaid cards like Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, and Discover. Credit card payments can be made free of interest (except for AMEX and Dinners cards) in monthly installments depending on the total amount of the order & the existing pricing policy.

  • Specifically:

    -For € 501 to € 1500: 1-4 interest-free installments

    -For 1501 € up to 4000 €: 1-6 interest-free installments

    -For more than 4000 €: 1-12 interest-free installments

    The amount paid in installments is paid upon order.

  • Transactions can also be completed using the Masterpass electronic wallet

3. Financing: Payments through Piraeus Bank financing are made on request at our store and the following documents are required:

a) Id Card copy

b) Latest income tax return form

c) Latest payroll note or a quarterly pension note for pensioners.

Financing rate depends on the number of installments, the total amount and the existing pricing policy.

4. Bank deposit: Payments via bank deposit are paid to the company's accounts by stating the name given at order time. A deposit of 30-50% of the total order amount is required and the payment is made one day prior to delivery.

Cooperating banks:

National Bank: 05944017945

Iban GR0501100590000005944017945

Δικαιούχος: SOFA IKE


Eurobank: 00260369290200233136

Iban: GR1202603690000290200233136

Δικαιούχος: SOFA IKE


Piraeus Bank
: 5046079670977   

Iban: GR4801720460005046079670977

Δικαιούχος: SOFA IKE


Attica Bank: 85031911

Iban:  GR5501601620000000085031911

Δικαιούχος:  SOFA IKE


Alpha Bank: 175002002006823

Iban:  GR3901401750175002002006823

Δικαιούχος:  SOFA IKE