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The living room is the central point of our home and our daily life, this is the reason that it is very important for the decoration and furniture of this space to be selected and placed in a way that creates a cozy and friendly environment, ensuring your own, and your guests comfort. The most important fact in the living room is to feel comfortable in the space and to represent your personal taste, as you will probably spend most of your time in this room.Therefore, the choice of living room furniture can be very stressful for you.

Trying to find the best furniture, with the right combination, that will suit your needs, your space and your family needs, you waste a lot of time and, most of the time, without any result.

For this reason, we have created for you complete solutions for living room furniture at affordable prices. Due to our many years of experience, we can offer you solutions for your living room that are aesthetically unique and cover your requirements. We have made combinations of furniture for you with a variety of different materials and colors, to offer you a result that will give your place the style of your preference.

Open - Furniture set proposal
-10 %
Furniture set Open includes corner sofa Open,dining table set Open with 6 chairs Open, coffee table Onar, armchair Open, Buffet Open and TV stand Open.Furniture dimensions:Corner sofa Open: 290X230Χ97Armchair Open: 90 width X 100 depth X 108 heightCoffee ..
8,330.00€ 9,260.00€
Ex Tax:8,330.00€
Prestige  - Furniture set proposal
Prestige  - Furniture set proposal ..
Ex Tax:0.00€
Status - Furniture set proposal
-25 %
Furniture set Status includes corner sofa Status,buffet Status,coffee table Status and dining table set StatusFurniture dimensions:Corner sofa Status: 250X220X94Coffe table Status: 110X70Χ42Buffet Status:200X50Dining table set Status: 160Χ90+40..
4,530.00€ 6,035.00€
Ex Tax:4,530.00€
Onar - Furniture set proposal
-20 %
Furniture set Onar includes corner sofa Onar,dining table set Onar with 4 chairs Onar and 1 bench Onar, coffee table Onar and bookcase Onar.Furniture dimensions:Corner sofa Onar: 280X230Χ105Coffe table Onar: 120Χ75Bookcase Onar: 200Χ100Dining table set Onar with 4 chairs and 1 bench: 190Χ95..
5,950.00€ 7,440.00€
Ex Tax:5,950.00€
Venezia - Furniture set proposal
-20 %
Furniture set Venezia includes corner sofa Ronda,buffet Ronda,coffee table Aria and dining table set Ronda.Furniture dimensions:Corner sofa Ronda: 280Χ240Χ90Coffee table Aria: 120Χ80Buffet Ronda: 200Χ50Dining table set Ronda: 160Χ90+40+40..
5,570.00€ 6,960.00€
Ex Tax:5,570.00€
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