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Entertainment center Egli
-18 %
Entertainment center Egli. Modern, in every respect, entertainment center. Classy, ​​highly decorated and perfectly functional for everyday use.Investing in the design of our entertainment center, we provide a composition that will decorate your living room beautifully. With many storage spaces, tri..
990.00€ 1,200.00€
Ex Tax:990.00€
Entertainment center Fantasy
-14 %
Entertainment center Fantasy. A polymorphic entertainment center. We aim to provide you with solutions to satisfy your needs, so we designed a piece of furniture with sliding base that enables you to change the size and shape of a corner very easily. If you want to change the decor of your home very..
1,550.00€ 1,800.00€
Ex Tax:1,550.00€
Entertainment center Gallery. A piece of art in your living room! Wanting to get away from the strict design framework of an entertainment center, we created this beautiful piece of art. With rich storage spaces in two colors, playing with each other in height and shelves clicked on a wooden surface..
Ex Tax:1,590.00€
Entertainment center Life. Fashionable design that impresses at first glance. We chose these colors to create a beautiful aesthetic contrast and our customers prefer it for their home.Taken care of in every detail, the entertainment center Star has multiple positive elements, composing an invaluable..
Ex Tax:1,750.00€
Entertainment center Lilian
-12 %
Entertainment center Lilian. We provide you a great entertainment center with more storage space, a base for your TV, and a high-level design. We designed boxes that adorn the wall above the television, thus providing a highly aesthetic piece for your living room. The storefront has much room for de..
1,440.00€ 1,640.00€
Ex Tax:1,440.00€
Entertainment center Smart
-22 %
Entertainment center Smart...
1,380.00€ 1,780.00€
Ex Tax:1,380.00€
Entertainment center Smile
-32 %
Entertainment center Smile. You asked us to suggest something for small spaces that will solve many needs, so we designed and we recommend to you our unique entertainment center. With impressive showcase that will accommodate what you want and plenty of storage space in the base, is a piece that wil..
990.00€ 1,450.00€
Ex Tax:990.00€
Entertainment center Star
-33 %
Entertainment center Star. A star into your living room. With innovative design, will steal hearts. Choose it for your living room and enjoy the aesthetics and practicality in use. With rich storage spaces and shelves to adorn and decorate your living room beautifully. With boxes in unique design, p..
990.00€ 1,480.00€
Ex Tax:990.00€
Entertainment center Status
-23 %
Entertainment center Times
-13 %
Entertainment center Times. Elevated, in a modern design, entertainment center in lacquer has many storage spaces. A true diamond for your space. Classy, ​​with shelves and a modern design that "captures" the look. Classy piece of furniture from the design team of who dares to try so that to..
1,390.00€ 1,600.00€
Ex Tax:1,390.00€
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