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Modern Dining Table set Ronda. We manufacture modern dining tables made of beechwood or oak, with chairs made of solid wood, giving you strong, quality furniture. In sizes, colors and fabrics that will satisfy your personal taste. With extensions to host social events but also spend warm family mome..
1,480.00€ 1,750.00€
Ex Tax:1,480.00€
Shine Bedroom setImpress by the aristocratic classic bedroom Shine. Unique upholstered headboard with swarovski, inox legs, with fine details in every step of design and construction, is a real diamond for your home. Made from solid beech plywood, with the best materials, of high-level quality, is m..
1,650.00€ 2,580.00€
Ex Tax:1,650.00€
Shine plus. We designed an aristocratic, high-level aesthetic bedroom with elegant swarovski decorating the headboard, and inox legs. Elegance and classy design in a bedroom made of solid beech wood with large quilted headboard...
1,050.00€ 1,200.00€
Ex Tax:1,050.00€
Shine Plus Bedroom set. We combined the elegant, aesthetically neoclassical bedroom with the simple line in furniture. Beautifully matched the elegant swarovski by decorating our quilted headboard, with the inox squared handles and trimmed feet. Accompanied by an upright dresser, with rich storage s..
1,550.00€ 2,040.00€
Ex Tax:1,550.00€
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