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Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs

Chair is an essential piece of furniture not only because it helps us to enhance the interior design of our home but also because it offers comfort.

We offer a wide collection of chairs with sturdy frames, unique designs and colors,at great prices.

Our main goal is to manufacture comfortable chairs that fit perfectly with any decorative style.

Browseamong the variety of our great designs and colors and choose the chair ofthe color andstyle of your preference. Visit our showroom to find classic and modern chairs that match with your dining table and the style of your home.

Adele chair
-20 %
Adele chair...
210.00€ 262.00€
Ex Tax:210.00€
Boheme Chair
-15 %
Boheme Chair..
170.00€ 200.00€
Ex Tax:170.00€
Boheme Plus Chair
-20 %
Boheme Plus Chair..
160.00€ 200.00€
Ex Tax:160.00€
Riviera Chair
Hot -25 %
Riviera Chair..
180.00€ 240.00€
Ex Tax:180.00€
Chair Idol
-25 %
Chair Idol..
230.00€ 305.00€
Ex Tax:230.00€
Retro chair
-20 %
Retro chair..
205.00€ 255.00€
Ex Tax:205.00€
Best - Dining Table Chair
-20 %
Best - Dining Table Chair..
130.00€ 162.00€
Ex Tax:130.00€
Chair with wearble fabric Domus
-20 %
Chair with wearable fabric Domus. From solid beechwood frame, in excellent quality and best price!..
195.00€ 245.00€
Ex Tax:195.00€
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