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Entertainment center Fantasy

Σύνθεση μοντέρα με ντουλάπια και συρτάρια και ράφια
Σύνθεση μοντέρα με ντουλάπια και συρτάρια και ράφια
Σύνθεση μοντέρα με ντουλάπια και συρτάρια και ράφια
Σύνθεση μοντέρα με ντουλάπια και συρτάρια και ράφια
Σύνθεση μοντέρα με ντουλάπια και συρτάρια και ράφια
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Σύνθεση μοντέρα με ντουλάπια και συρτάρια και ράφια
Συνθεση με συρόμενο κομμάτι και σχέδιο στα ντουλάπια
Επιπλοσύνθεση με αποθηκευτικούς χώρους στην βάση
Σύνθεση με ντουλάπια τοίχου με τζάμι και ράφια τοίχου
Γωνιακή σύνθεση μοντέρνα με ίνοξ πόμολα με σχέδια και επιτοίχια κουτιά με τζάμι
Change colors.
Dimensional convertion.
Entertainment center Fantasy
Entertainment center Fantasy. A polymorphic entertainment center. We aim to provide you with solutions to satisfy your needs, so we designed a piece of furniture with sliding base that enables you to change the size and shape of a corner very easily. If you want to change the decor of your home very often, this composition was made for you. With many storage spaces and modern design details, our entertainment center will help you. You can choose wood, color and dimensions, which will satisfy your personal taste and needs of your space. 
Dimensions230Χ45 (close), 280Χ45 (open)
Drawer mechanismBall bearing runners
MaterialMdf & oak veneer

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- For daily furniture cleaning, use water and a soft, damp cloth. Clean the surfaces gently (preferably in the direction of your wood grain). Do not use chemical cleaners on the polished surfaces.

- At regular intervals, clean and lubricate the furniture mechanisms (if necessary) to avoid damage.

- If water is spilled on a decorative glass surface, remove it immediately and dry the surface thoroughly.

- For persistent stains on furniture, use neutral soap dissolved in water and gently rub the stain with white cloth in circular motions. Then wipe thoroughly with a soft, damp cloth.

- Do not place hot objects on the surface of the furniture as there is a possibility that the paint be damaged.

- Solid furniture is a living organism that adapts to environmental conditions. Wood is subject to contraction and expansion depending on changes in the moisture level in the room that hosts it. For this reason, for proper maintenance, it is important to keep the humidity in the room at levels from 25% to 35%.

- Do not drag pieces of furniture as it can cause damage to both the furniture and the floor. Move them by lifting them up and placing them gently in their new position.

- For a short period after your furniture purchase (about 2 months), it is advisable to keep wooden surfaces free of objects as they can cause scratches or permanent marks.

- When you have objects on wooden surfaces that come into contact with sunlight, it is best to reposition them frequently.

- Avoid placing heavy weight on hanging furniture: Up to 20 kg in cupboards and 5 kg on shelves

- Do not apply strong force when closing furniture doors to prevent door or other damage.

- Do not open all furniture drawers at the same time to prevent them from being displaced.

- At the presence of young children at home, we recommend fixing high and narrow furniture (e.g. chests of drawers, bookcases, crystals cupboards, etc.) to the wall, to prevent accidents.

- For each product in our website, on the tips and instructions tab, there is more detailed information pertaining to each product separately. Please be informed.

Covered by 10 years warranty.
Covered by 10 years warranty.
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