Like every year, we searched and highlighted the biggest trends in global interior design, so you know what will concern us aesthetically in the coming year.

If you are in the wonderful process of making your home or if you just want to refresh it and add extra style points to your space this list is for you!

Moreover, what we call trends, apart from being somewhat relative, are, as expected, greatly influenced by the external environment. Therefore, the inflation, the energy crisis, the pandemic that won't end, but also the environmental footprint are some factors that will ultimately shape the final scene and the behavior of the average consumer.

Let's see which interior trends the major international architectural media stand out for the new year:

Entertainment rooms

Gold never goes out of fashion, but we clearly see more and more houses using it in small objects, lamps or in details on chairs and seats. Not without reason, since it transforms every space and gives a tone of luxury!

Gold details

The impressive lamps, characterized by a special design, a special fabric or color, are repositioned in halls, tables or bedside tables. From ceramic and metal, to more traditional, lamps that with their light enhance a room and give them life, practical character, but at the same time stand out with their design.

Lamps that stand out

For many years we have seen white, large kitchens with minimal cooking equipment and appliances and a minimal approach. After covid this has changed, since we were all staying inside, and as it seems to be continuing also until now. Inflation has led many people to cooking again, delivery is now an expensive sport, in this way, warm and full kitchens that have life and movement are making a dynamic comeback.

Back to the kitchen

There is nothing that can compare to the warm, brown color of wood. Wood, a sustainable, durable and natural material remains the number one choice in the selection of furniture due to its great value and in the next period we will be even more interested, for one more reason, its color, since its warm tones beautify any home .

Soft tones of wood

TV-rooms, music-rooms or rooms for games, in general the rooms that have an entertainment character and are kind of isolated from the rest of the house, are gaining ground. There is a tendency, for a large part of the world, to spend quality time indoors and these rooms are dedicated to that purpose.

Architectural curves

A trend that never goes away is anything that reminds us of other eras. Clothing, accessories and of course vintage furniture, are all around in the pages of social media and finally find their way into our homes, bringing a different kind of air, an affordable luxury that adds depth and value to any type of decoration.

Vintage touches

On the one hand, Viva Magenta, which was declared the color of the year, on the other, the bright colors, in every tone, that we find on walls or objects, show us that bold colors will lead the trends this year. From sofas and throws, to cushions and decorations, don't be afraid to add color to your home and life.

Bold colors are back

According to Insider, curved staircases are the hot architectural trend for 2023. Homebuilders now are opting for interior staircases with movement and rhythm that add character and diversity to any home.

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The monochrome rooms

Yes, white can look rich and minimal, gray can bring a Scandinavian air, but it seems that more and more people are tired of them. In previous decades we saw the all-white houses of Hollywood stars and wanted to copy them, but layered white in the rooms is now somewhat outdated. On the other hand, grey, which reminds us of Hygge and other trends from the Nordic countries, is now trivial. This is something though that pleases us, since there are other "decorating schools" with more interest.

The non-functional items

In the years of hyper-consumption, the many decorations and objects that actually have no practical value, loaded the houses and gave a maximalist air that seems to be slowly dying. Practicality has gained a fanatic audience, since the economy is at a strange turning point and so we want objects that we will use, will not take up useful space and will not cost a lot.

Is the end of open spaces coming?

Open spaces are ideal for apartments or lofts, but there is a trend that shows that they are no longer such a popular choice. According to Architectural Digest, open spaces seem to be getting tired, as clear boundaries from space to space and privacy in homes are making a strong comeback. Whether this turns out to be true remains to be seen.