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The price of each sofa piece is determined by six important factors
-Quality of manufacturing materials
-The type and quality of fabrics
-The quality of the production process
-Its design
-The intermediary means of delivery (how many individuals get involved until the final product gets to you)
-Its origin
We at, with the experience of our 30 years in furniture manufacturing, choose and use the best raw materials.
We work with leading textile dealers to get the privilege to choose from the widest range of top quality Fabrics
In our factory we apply modern methods of furniture manufacturing. In all the production stages cutting-edge technologies are utilized. Our experienced furniture makers constantly evolve their technique so that each product is of impeccable quality and offers you maximum comfort and ergonomics.
Our design team is constantly studying new fashion trends and taking into account the ever changing needs of a home to create new designs of functional and modern sofas to decorate your living room with the most beautiful furniture.
We have eliminated the intermediaries and so you are able to communicate directly with us without any delay. We manufacture furniture in our factory and transport them with our trucks so we have full control at all levels. A fact that enables you to know at any moment at what stage your order is. We are constantly in touch with you and we are always present to help you with any question you might have. That's why we are the most competitive company in quality furniture manufacturing.
In our stores you will find furniture that we manufacture. So we offer you respect and honesty as every piece of furniture that comes to your home can be assured it will be exactly the same quality as the one you chose in our showrooms.

At we hide nothing. We are proud of our manufacturing and we are ready to prove it. You can see exactly what you bought. At the bottom of each sofa there is a zipper where you can check the interior and of course the construction materials.

b) The back cushions are filled with Comforel. It is a synthetic lightweight material that resembles a natural feather with the privilege of being hypoallergenic. In addition, all of our pillows have a zip and lining to easily remove the fabric to make it easy for you to clean.

a) In the cushions of the seat we put a 6000 strap, a material that is particularly durable to high pressure, while we also pad it with a fluffy padding, increasing your comfort and enjoyment experience. We emphasize that, depending on your wishes, we can manufacture, naturally maintaining quality, whatever type of seat you want: Soft, medium or hard.

We place the best elastic straps inside the seat to further enhance the robustness and therefore durability, making each sofa a piece of furniture that will maintain in time the same freshness it had the day you bought it.

Top quality solid beech wood. It is one of the most solid and heavy natural materials that ensures high durability of the frame and guarantees that your furniture will last a lifetime.
We at, loyal to our philosophy for quality furniture, use:
-The fabric quality
-The quality production process
-The pillow filling material
-The seat support material
-The wood of the skeleton
-The quality of a sofa is determined by the following factors

Furniture is divided into two categories.

a) Lacquered furniture pieces.
They are delivered in your place assembled. Their surface is of real wood that is dyed in the color of your preference. You can easily distinguish them from the weight of the construction and the homogeneous set which are their main features.

b) Melamine furniture pieces are usually shipped to the customer disassembled. Their surface is not painted in any way and, in addition, they have a strong “plastic” look. Their biggest disadvantage is however detected over a short period of time. Because their assembly is done on the spot and without the necessary glue, their joints gradually begin to loosen and the instability of their construction becomes noticeable and of course dangerous.
We at are manufacture exclusively lacquered furniture for you. We carefully select the best woods for the construction and in the production process we place branded glue between the joints. Finally, we tighten the frame until the individual pieces become an everlasting unit. We are also highly selective on the varnishes as well as on the mechanisms we use because we want harmony and durability to be evident in every aspect of the furniture you decide to put in your home.

At everything is clear from the first moment. Most of our furniture is made of MDF with real wood veneering, the type of which you choose (oak, beech, walnut). All our furnishings are painted with high durability varnishes and meet all the EU requirements. The rest of our furniture is solid and made entirely of real wood. In every product you are interested in, you can see exactly its construction materials as they are listed in its details.

Since we at manufacture our furniture, everything can be changed. We are a company dedicated to your requirements and that is why you will not only be able to choose the type of wood and the color of your furniture but also determine the dimensions of your furniture. The same goes for our sofas and their fabrics.
The warranty duration of our furniture also testifies the character of a company. It is therefore critical and divides companies into those that offer quality furniture and those who don’t. At our furniture are meant to last a lifetime. And because we want our word to be correspondent to our actions, our furniture is accompanied by the best written warranty on the market: Ten years for furniture and fifteen years for sofas. See more here...
Punctuality is a fundamental principle of our company. From your order stage we specify the delivery date. The goal for us is to pleasantly surprise you by bringing your home furnishings earlier than the pre-agreed date.

At we leave nothing to chance. We have already anticipated this particular need and we have created a 3D design department to be absolutely sure about the outcome of your purchase. see more here

Of course there are. At we always act in your own interest and we want every purchase to be adapted to your own capabilities without burdens. So we took care and created payment programs for your maximum convenience. You can find detailed payment methods here ...

We will be very happy to see you at our store. Our experienced decorators will be ready to listen to you and satisfy your needs!

1. West Attica store

Adress: 410 - 412 Thivon str. Ilion (Attica 13121)

Telephone: (0030) 210 5789731 Email:

Working hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 - 21:00 & Saturday 10:00 - 18:00

2. East Attica store

Adress: 488 Leof. Mesogeion Agia Paraskevi (Attica 15342)

Telephone: (0030) 211 1828193 Email:

Working hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 - 21:00 & Saturday 10:00 - 18:00

3. Factory

Adress: 16 Empdokleous str. Peristeri (Attica 12131)

Telephone: (0030) 210 5710380 Email:

Working hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 - 16:30