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Quality sleep provides wellness and we are aware of it. This is the reason we adjust the dimensions of your preference, based on your needs.

Discover a great variety of handmade furniture, suitable for every bedroom.

Fabric Bed Lucy
-25 %
Fabric Bed Lucy with removable fabric. Bedroom Lucy was specially designed for those looking for high-level aesthetics, comfort combined with high quality and flexibility in the modern pace of life. Fabric bed, with rich fluffy material, exceptional elegance in a unique design, made of solid beechwo..
1,180.00€ 1,575.00€
Ex Tax:1,180.00€
Magic Bed
-10 %
Magic Bed , a construction made ​​of solid beech wood!! Padded in all its points, our bedroom Magic, comes to fascinate you. Ultimate comfort and functionality, dressed with artificial leather at all points of fluffy headboard and around the bed, offers cosy bed and safety when you move around it. A..
1,250.00€ 1,390.00€
Ex Tax:1,250.00€
Shine plus - Bed
-15 %
As if straight out of a fairy tale, the bed Shine plus came to shine and strengthen the romantic style of decoration and give refinement and elegance in an era where strict modern lines dominate.Its imposing curves, carefully created in every detail, throughout the headboard,  will sw..
1,480.00€ 1,740.00€
Ex Tax:1,480.00€
Barock - Fabric bed
-15 %
Barock - Fabric bed..
1,390.00€ 1,635.00€
Ex Tax:1,390.00€
Elizabeth Quilted Bed
-20 %
As if straight out of a fairy tale and classy, ​​the bed Elizabeth was created by for you that love romantic lines and classic decoration style.Impress with the imposing and symmetrical quilting of the headboard, while in its finish, the special pipes that frame and follow its line, make it ..
1,640.00€ 2,050.00€
Ex Tax:1,640.00€
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Αμφίπλευροι γωνιακοί καναπέδες, διθέσιοι ή τριθέσιοι, σετ σαλονιών αλλά και πολυθρόνες από τα καλύτερα υλικά. Σε εμάς θα βρείτε αυτό που ψάχνετε στις διαστάσεις που επιθυμείτε!