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Two Seater Sofa Anemos

κλασικός διθέσιος καναπές με αποσπώμενο ύφασμα και στρογγυλά μπράτσα
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Two Seater Sofa Anemos
Two seater sofa Anemos (with removable fabric).We love our sofas with wearable (removable) fabric and you show us that you love them too. For all the time, daily and exhaustive use of your sofas. The fabric is easily removable and repositionable achieving excellent fit as the time of purchase.We guarantee the sturdiness and the ultimate in comfort and functionality. Two seater sofa made from planed beechwood, with fluffy cushions back with feather and polyester latex, cellular stability in the filler material, even after many years of daily use. Particularly popular among our customers who appreciate the quality, affordability and dimensions.Choose to combine the with our three-seater sofa anemos, creating a dynamic set for your living room! Many of our clients choose to create a cozy corner in the kitchen.We provide you only the best! Our sofa is made from the best materials, first screening, with only our concern to meet your needs.Contact with us today, to discuss all possible solutions for your needs. 
Back PillowComforel
Cushion6000 foam
FrameSolid beechwood & plywood

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- To spot clean the cloth, prefer to use a damp white cloth in circular movements. If the stain is persistent, use white liquid soap and a soft cloth or sponge of neutral color and rub with gentle circular motions. Then wipe with a damp white cloth.
- To clean the entire surface of the sofa, prefer dry or ecological cleaning with steam, to ensure maximum color resistance and minimal wear of the fabric over time.
- For laundry washing, consult the cleaning instructions for the fabric or ask the manufacturer.
- If the fabric specifications allow washing in the washing machine, prefer the lighter program at 30 ° C, without or with minimal drying spin and always with neutral soap. Before airing the fabric, stretch it while it is wet. To avoid pulling and stretching out the fabric, we recommend airing it in the weaving direction.
- Be sure to clean all the parts of the sofa together (pillows and base) to avoid any possible color difference.
- To always have the sofa look as a new one, frequently hit the pillows lightly so that they get their original shape. Also, make sure the pillow material is properly filling the corners.
- Avoid direct exposure of fabrics to sunlight or to a source of heat to protect them from becoming discolored.
- Make sure that corner sofa parts are properly connected and that all the pieces are properly touching the floor.
- Pets can cause damage to the fabrics and seams with their nails. Protect the sofa with covers and drapes or choose cat scratch resistance fabric to extend its lifetime.
- Avoid sitting on the arm and back of the sofa.
- Do not drag the sofa because it can cause damage to both the furniture and the floor.
- Do not jump on the sofa to avoid damage. However, for prevention purposes we place (when necessary) an extra foot in the center of the sofa. This leg is one centimeter shorter, so the sofa can maintain its "elasticity", and it is there to protect in the event of violent and abrupt movements.
- If you need to store the sofa or pillows for a long time, cover with a protective film. Make sure they are properly ventilated and are in a shady, cool place. Avoid contact with dust and moisture.

15 year warranty.
15 year warranty.
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